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Best Online Casino Payment Methods

28 January 2021
Meilleures méthodes de paiement de casino en ligne

Best Online Casino Payment Methods

Not sure which payment method to choose for your Canadian online gaming site? Discover all the best options on the market. This will allow you to choose the option that best suits you. – Best Online Casino Payment Methods

Choice of a relevant web casino payment option

Today, the success of Canadian online gambling sites is mainly due to their different payment options. To choose a quality establishment, we recommend that you check the solutions present (both in terms of quantity and quality). If the following options are integrated into your casino, this is a good sign!

The essential bank cards

Here are the three essential groups in relation to bank cards.

American Express

The American Express type credit card is a qualitative payment option. It offers the possibility of carrying out exchanges simply, quickly but also completely secure. In short, American Express is a real reference for depositing and withdrawing money on a web gaming site. In addition, the customer support is excellent and upscale.


This group is one of the most renowned international credit card designers. Profiting from an excellent reputation, Mastercard offers a truly qualitative service. In order to play on the web, we strongly recommend that you have an international-type Mastercard. You should know that not all are. In addition, the international card will offer you the possibility of benefiting from insurance in the event of fraudulent use. For online casino deposits, Mastercard is a must.


Here is a renowned institution in the world of payment cards , the Visa card is easy to use and really practical. However, be sure to be careful because you need an unlimited international card in order to play on the web. In any case, know that Visa allows you to benefit from secure, reliable exchanges, without forgetting the quality assurance offered by the group.

Other credit cards

If the credit card is the best way to play at the online casino, be aware that there are suppliers refusing to honor exchanges with operators or restricting their amount. However, aside from this concern, using a credit card is relevant in terms of the speed provided and the security offered.

Choix d’une option pertinente de paiement casino web Bitcoin

Excellent electronic purses (wallets)

Aside from bank cards, here are the best electronic wallets in the Canadian online market.


  • Here is an extremely safe and reliable wallet. Its use is simple and the exchanges they allow have the advantage of being instantaneous. We understand why this provider of payment solutions is extremely famous internationally and why it is increasingly used in Canadian online casinos.


  • Appeared in 1999, this electronic wallet offers you the possibility of making funds easily and quickly without having to reveal your banking information. The strengths of this option are numerous and manifold, for example a flawless service or the possibility of winning a bonus on a web gaming site. Thus, to make fund deposits, we recommend Neteller , a reliable, safe and completely secure payment solution.

Skrill (former Moneybookers)

  • The Skrill payment solution is a completely secure and reliable payment option for making online deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily. The exchanges are very fast with this option, and this is indeed the main advantage of this option. Finally, be aware that there may be charges levied with Skrill.


  • This payment solution has two major strengths: ease of use and convenience. In two small clicks, you will be able to exchange money on the web. Reliable, fast and secure, this payment method is extremely renowned in the world. With the Click2Pay option , you will benefit from a solution as fast as the essential bank card.

Portefeuille de carte de crédit Click2Pay


Are bank transfers popular?

Wire transfer is an extremely popular payment option on web gaming sites. It is a solution offering the possibility of making deposits and withdrawals easily and quickly. Bank transfer is a banking operation characterized by the transfer of money from one account to another, regardless of the bank. When choosing a paid online casino in Canada , verify that this option is present. Normally it is on almost every premium paid online casino. Even if this solution is not the preferred option of the players (because of the slowness), it presents the strong point of an optimal security.

What about instant transfer?

To remedy the weak point of slow bank transfer, there is instant bank transfer. As secure as a traditional bank transfer, this option is unfortunately not offered at all casinos.


Other popular payment methods in Canada

Here are other reputable payment solutions in Canada that we recommend.


This is the main alternative to payment by credit card. Easy to use and offering flawless security, this payment option is one of the most popular. However, it is not present in all casinos, far from it. With Paypal, be sure that no breach will occur during the exchange.


Here is an option specific to Canada. This solution offers safe, reliable and fast transfers. If you are worried about the confidentiality of personal information, this payment solution is for you. In addition, know that it is present on the best Canadian online casinos!


This is one of the best online casino payment methods in Canada. With this option, you will benefit from continuous optimization of product quality, no deposit fees, total anonymity, secure exchanges and ease of use. What more ?


iDebit, which is none other than Instadebit’s successor in the large family of casino deposit methods, is an electronic payment option. It acts as a real intermediary between online gaming platforms and your banking establishment. Safe, secure and reliable, we recommend this payment solution.

And finally, cryptocurrencies

Virtual currency (or cryptocurrency if you prefer) has the advantage of being completely encrypted. Indeed, there is only the investor who has an access code in order to use it. Thus, security is total and guaranteed for exchanges on online gaming sites. In addition, be aware that cryptocurrencies are easy to use thanks to a fast and transparent peer-to-peer system. In addition, they do not charge fees for keeping the accounts. Finally, let’s also point out the absence of taxes and commissions with these popular payment methods that are virtual currencies.

Best Online Casino Payment Methods


Best Online Casino Payment Methods

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Best Online Casino Payment Methods
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