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Top 10 Best French Streaming Sites Free

1 January 2020
TOP 10 meilleurs sites de STREAMING français GRATUIT

Top 10 Best French Streaming Sites Free

Streaming is a technology that allows you to view a video on your PC, smartphone or tablet directly from a browser without having to download the film, series or manga on your device. This will mainly avoid overloading your PC or tablet with bulky files that can quickly fill the device’s storage space. Top 10 Best French Streaming Sites Free

Streaming has now become very trendy and attracts more and more users, but finding the best free streaming site can sometimes be quite complicated. This may be because simply top sites of movies and TV series are inclined to fade quite often. As a result, we often find ourselves in search of new pages, and it is not easy, as has already been mentioned, because we have to look in the right places.

Aware of this difficulty, our team struggles daily to help you find the right streaming site.  Thus, we have developed this list of the 10 best streaming addresses of films that you can consult all your drunk.

We must admit, however, that we have taken into consideration essentially the most reliable and reputable sites.

Let’s get serious, and discover this top 10 of the best French streaming sites.

What supports for IPTV?

1: hdss.to

This free French streaming site that is currently in vogue makes available to its users films and series without registration. Hdss, ranked at the top of the podium, also features high-quality (HD) VF and VOSTFR content that is continuously updated.

The interface has a clean design, where navigation is smooth without broken links, and without advertising cuts.

In the company of hdss.to you can enjoy, especially during these long and rainy winter nights. You will be able to watch the most popular films currently like Avengers End Game, Boy Erased, Brûlez Molière… On this platform you can also find many series.


2 : Stream Way

Streamay is an attractive Streaming site whose use is very simple. As soon as you are on the home page, you will know everything, because the platform shows the latest news, but also the films a little older. If you want to read the synopsis or comment on the film, simply place the cursor on the poster.

As for the content, it is rich and varied with a wide range of series, films and manga.

3 : Zone Streaming :

Zone Streaming, a form of digital media library, has several advantages. First of all, the site offers users the possibility to select the kind of film they would like to watch: romantic, adventure, dramatic, comedy or police movies.

Then, this platform gives you access to the category of Tops Films where you can come across the most classic films like Godfather, The Dark Knigt and Prestige.

Finally, thanks to its rich digital film library, cybernauts will always find their favourite films or series. It is also a site renowned for the quality of its content.


4 : Libertyland

Libertyland has established itself in the streaming sector by making it possible to view complete films in French and in Vostfr. Created in 2009, it is the most visited in France.

Closed in March 2018, it resurrects under the name of Liberty VF and continues to offer a large collection of films available without limit.

5 : WikiSerie

WikiSerie is ranked as the best platform in streaming series. Nothing escapes him, being constantly on the lookout for all the novelties.

In this way, you will be able to follow all seasons of your favorite series free of charge, whether in VF or VOSTFR. The quality is also there.

6 : Illimite Streaming :

It is a purely French site and completely free. It makes all films and series available to Internet users in VF and VOSTFR. You can find both the newest films, which have just been released on screen, as well as the old high-quality films, and the must is that no subscription is required.

The films are catalogued by genre from Action to Western, and the number is impressive so that everyone will find the fiction that suits their taste.

Illimite Streaming allows you to view the film of your choice wherever you are, at your home or at your bungalow. Moreover, as it is designed in a responsive design, the site adapts to all media: PC, tablet, smartphone, it is as you want.

7 : VoirFilms

The French streaming site VoirFilms, presents serivores and moviegoers with a large collection of films and series in HD. And without registration!  As a result, you can relax peacefully in front of your TV or tablet by watching the full episodes of your cult series.

But the ultimate of this site VoirFilms is mainly the fact that you will not be attacked by advertisements during your viewing. Therefore, you can enjoy your films, series, mangas in VF or then in VOSTDFR, if you are an aficionado of the original versions.

8 : StreamingDivx

Although too busy with commercials,  StreamingDivx offers a wide variety of versions that will surely amaze you.

Indeed, this site is designed to give satisfaction to all cinema enthusiasts. To make the task easy for you, the site displays in its menu a classification of films by genre. This way you can go directly to category that attracts your attention.

The StreamingDivx platform is mostly full of comedy and romance feature films. In May, there are also family movies and cartoons to have fun with your children. If you like Shakespeare melodrama, the category “Drama” could satisfy your expectations. Of course, fans of police films and thrillers will also find their violin by Ingres.

9 : Filmzenstream. online

It is also a site that appeals to film lovers. Filmzenstream. online makes available to the cybernauts the best unpublished films in an impeccable quality. As its name suggests, you will be able to watch your films relax, without being irritated by the poor quality of the films that can sometimes be seen on screen.

10 : Sokostream

Whatever it is among the newest sites that landed on the web, Sokostream has already made its way brilliantly in the world of French strveaming. It offers cybernauts a wide range of high-quality films and series ranging from CAM to HD.

Moreover, this streaming platform offers Internet users the possibility to offer their favorite films and series. An open space is dedicated exclusively to this use in order to allow users to be actively involved in the life of their privileged site. Consequently, this contributes greatly to the enrichment of this catalogue of films, series, Japanese comics and opus dispatched on the platform.

Besides that, you can also watch the own videos shared by the thousands of Internet users present systematically on the site.

Everything is almost said, it is up to you now to choose the site that fits your needs.

Top 10 Best French Streaming Sites Free

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Top 10 Best French Streaming Sites Free
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