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How Internet TV (IPTV) and its economic packages work

1 January 2020
Comment fonctionne la TV internet (IPTV) et ses forfaits économiques

How Internet TV (IPTV) and its economic packages work

But what is the IPTV, this new trend that is increasingly being talked about? A priori, it is a combination between IP and TV, in other words, between two worlds, that of IP technology and TV. A small revolution in some between two very distinct specializations.

It is true that at the time of analogue television, IP and TV had not been able to coexist. Conventional television operated a coaxial network that allowed analog TV signals to be transferred. It was certainly this rather limited resolution of conventional television that stimulated the search for a better alternative.

At the beginning of the 1990s, digital television came on the scene. This digitisation had made it possible to broadcast TV signals on an Internet network, like this

What supports for IPTV?

The must of the IPTV is that this technology can be installed on different media: Internet browsers, smart TV and decoders.

  • Internet Explorer

The IPTV, as opposed to the majority of TV transmission protocols, works perfectly on web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera… In addition, its use will not require much effort. You would just have to subscribe to an IPTV service provider and then log in to that provider’s broadcast URL. This way you can access all the programs of your choice

But to fully enjoy the IPTV experience, it is essential that your device be powerful enough, even that doesn’t mean you need to have


  • Digital television

The most classic way to follow TV programs is to own a small screen. The IPTV takes this rule into account. However, this technology only works on smart Tvs, smart Tvs as we say in a more trendy language. Otherwise, you need to connect your PC to your TV via HDMI.

To use the IPTV on your smart TV, simply download and install an IPTV application. Of course, these applications vary depending on your geographic location. They are usually found in online libraries. As for the configuration and the way of operation, they depend on the model of your television.

  • The IPTV box

The IPTV can also be functional on an IPTV box. It is a small device that, in the majority of cases, runs on Android. This box looks like a decoder whose role is to transmit IPTV signals. To do this, it does not need a parabola. As with the other devices on display above, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection.

Forms of IPTV to understand well

There are three of them:

  • Video on demand

It is a highly valued and highly sought-after form of IPTV. This is where you can meet streaming platforms like Netflix, OCS…

Depending on the online service you operate, it will be possible in some cases to select the version of the video: VF or VOSTFR or even in a language other than the original.

  • The television of catch-up

It offers you the possibility to review streaming programs. Thus, it will be possible for you as an example to follow a program that was transmitted live on Saturday, streaming delayed on Monday.

  • The IPTV in live

As its name shows, the IPTV works like conventional television. This consists of transmitting



A top 4 of the best IPTV sites, its subscription packages.

  • Subscription to the IPTV Foliog

Foliog offers an IPTV that works on all connected devices. You must have an internet connection and a Smart TV. If your TV is not connected, you can connect it to your smartphone, iPhone, iPAD, tablet or buy an Android box.

You can also use your computer via the VLC software that you can download for free, and it is functional with our IPTV subscription.

See the packages and rates to subscribe

  • https://www.iptvcanada.co/

First of all, it is a streaming service that offers thousands of television channels throughout the world. In addition, the service adapts easily to various platforms or devices such as Android, Mac, tablet and seeks to offer the best of TV.

In addition, the IPTV Canada box offers users the opportunity to view TV channels, many of which are high definition, on different media, wherever they are and according to their needs.

The app you can download from the Google Play Store is easy to install. You have the possibility to test it currently by taking advantage of the 3-day package, at a price of $0.99, only.

See the packages and rates to subscribe. 

  • Subscription to m3u TV:

Accessible all over the world, it is one of the best providers providing its clients with a high-quality premium IPTV server.

Here you will find the best high-quality IPTV Live feeds, with a library of 7,500 regular and paid TV channels.

The technical department is at work 24/7.

The powerful IPTV servers are located in Russia, Germany and the United States, guaranteeing perfect stability! You experience IPTV without boredom, stress, interruption

See the packages and rates to subscribe. 

  • Subscription to the IPTV Deluxe:

It is currently one of the largest providers of IPTV channels and films internationally. There are about ten thousand international TV, Films and Series, in addition to a whole collection of channels: Sportsmen, Cinema, Children…

See the packages and rates to subscribe.

How Internet TV (IPTV) and its economic packages work

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