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Best Netflix series to watch with your family

25 March 2020
Meilleures séries à écouter sur Netflix pour toute la Famille

Best Netflix series to watch with your family

Now that we are spending more time at home during our quarantine of coronaviruses, now is a good time to review the best Netflix releases to date starting in 2020. Here are the Best Netflix series to watch with your family.

Comedy series, thrillers, politics, and even mythical series are all good options for making entertainment your best ally these days when it is convenient to stay at home. But it’s also a good time to find new series to hang on to and find jewelry that you may not have known about in the huge Netflix catalog.

The best Netflix series to watch in quarantine

While many of these titles are successful, we will review the best Netflix releases of the year so far. In case you haven’t had time to give them a chance yet, let’s start some of these series. Best Netflix series to watch with your family.

6 series that will appeal to the whole FAMILY

  • Locke & Key

Locke’s children return to their ancestral home in New England after their father’s death to discover that they are surrounded by magic, which only they can see and which they are destined to fight to end the horrors. that populate the town of Lovecraft, Massachusetts.

An expected adaptation of one of the most successful literary sagas for young people in recent years, but which has not been fully convinced by its ambition to adapt most books in a single season. Locke & Key, a series to listen to as a family


  • This Shit Beats Me

If female adolescence is not complicated enough like that, it is even more complicated when you have superpowers. And that’s just one of the protagonist’s many problems with “This Shit Beats Me”, the new Netflix series, which attempts to repeat the success of the tandem between presenter Jonathan Entwistle and graphic novelist Charles Forsman , creators of the famous “The End of the F *** ing World”.

This series “Shit Beats Me” is not the most original that we will see this year, but it does demonstrate that well recycled ideas can still bring us joy.

  • Messiah

It is a series that will ask great questions to the public. What would happen if someone showed up in the midst of strange events and thought they were the Messiah? What would society do? How would the media cover the event? Would millions of people stop working? Could governments collapse? That could change everything, “says Mark Burnett, the all-powerful British producer.

It is like a version of the second coming of the Son of God from the perspective of the American media and intelligence services: how would the world react if a character very similar to Jesus appeared in the midst of the conflicts in Palestine? The 10 chapters answer this question, first by a display of media and grandiloquence, then with great tact by introducing this new Messiah into the world of social networks and pagers.

  • Elite “(Season 3)

When Carlos Montero and Danilo Madrona created the first season of Elite, they never imagined that the series would be so successful worldwide and that it would launch its protagonists. With the second, which arrived at Netflix in September 2019, its impact was more significant; and season 3 created all kinds of questions and expectations.

His varied characters will face in the next eight chapters the most difficult challenge of their lives: aging. “They will enter the world of work, will humanize and, above all, will mature”, explains Miguel Bernardeau, the charismatic Guzmán. Elite, is one of the best series to listen to on Netflix for the whole Family.

  • Sex Education (Season 2)

Sex Education features Otis Milburn, a socially awkward high school student who lives with his mother, Jean, a sex therapist. In the first season, Otis and Maeve Wiley set up a high school sex clinic to harness Otis’ natural talent for sexual counseling. The friendship between Maeve and Aimee seems stronger than ever, as well as Otis and Eric, who will be more confident than ever.

On the other hand, Adam arrives at military school, still undecided about everything that happened with his partner, and Lily becomes more prominent in this second season (and not because she wants to lose her virginity). We will also learn more about Jackson’s life and how Jean, the sexologist and mother of the main character, manages his new love story.


  • The Witcher

Based on the novels of Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher is an epic story about fate and family in a world called The Continent, created by a cosmic event, known as the Conjunction of the Spheres, in which elves , gnomes, humans, beasts, wizards and dragons fight for their survival.

Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman) directs the cast of the famous saga, playing the role of Geralt de Rivia, a wizard and monster hunter who survived a wizard’s experimental tests, which gave him more strength, speed, endurance, ability to see at night and extreme resistance to pain.

5 series that will please all MEN

  • Black Mirror

Over the past ten years, technology has already taken root in our lives. It is easier to talk about a problem on Facebook than to trust a loved one. In the world of “Black Mirror” too, people cannot live without the technologies that hurt them and bring them suffering.

It is an interesting series which shows the negative consequences of the search for perfection by the human being.

  • House of Cards

The protagonist Francis “Frank” Underwood is one of the most important members of Congress. He is intelligent, calculating and ambitious. In exchange for his position as secretary of state, he helped Garrett Walker become president. But after the election, Francis is rejected. He is furious with this betrayal and prepares a plan of revenge, which he will implement with the help of his faithful wife.

It is an intellectual series which allows spectators not only to observe, but also to project what is hidden.

  • Godless

The evil bandit Frank Griffin and a gang of criminals terrorize the Wild West. It empties cities and kills people and does not obey any law. One day, Frank’s adopted son feels guilty and decides to leave them, stealing all the stolen goods at the same time. The bandits do not want to let him go so easily and try to find him; their research leads them to the town of La Belle where, due to strange circumstances, only women live.

In a fabulous series that will appeal not only to lovers of the old west, but also to those who see it by chance.


  • 13 Reasons Why

One day, student Clay Jensen finds a box near his door containing tapes of Hannah, the girl who committed suicide. In her recordings, Hannah recounts the 13 reasons that prompted her to do so, and Clay is one of them. It’s a heavy series that makes you think about life and see it from different angles.


  • Narcos

This series is dedicated to Pablo Escobar, whom the government fears, which the people respect and which the police hate. He built the mighty drug supply empire in the United States. The story is told from the point of view of DEA employees, who show what people who aspire to power can do. It is a drama series based on real events.

5 series that will appeal to all WOMEN

  • Orange Is the New Black

The main character of the series, Piper Chapman, loves his life and his various pleasant little things, whether it is a morning shower or a good breakfast. But, due to certain youthful mistakes, Piper is in prison where she has to spend 15 long months. Now, she must not only live, but also survive among the new people around her.

It is a series about love, survival and the demons that lie deep within each person.

  • The Crown

The series tells the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the history of Great Britain seen through her eyes. Everything is there: the conditions in which the protagonist lived from his childhood to the situations that occur today.

The series won the Golden Globe for best drama series.

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This series is dedicated to Kimmy Schmidt, a young girl who has spent the last 15 years in the bunker of an apocalyptic sect. After her release, she decides to change her life and settles in New York to try to make up for lost time. She learns technology, acquires knowledge, makes friends and has a private life.

It is a light comedy that is worth watching after a hard day at work.

  • Master of None

The main character, Dev, plays in commercials and films with which he does not receive enough money. He meets and begins dating a girl with whom he may have no future. Dev enjoys spending time with friends who have not yet formed a family. He falls into different absurd situations, but the people around him and his sense of humor help him overcome the problems.

It is a light series in which you can find yourself at any moment.


  • Love

The main characters, Mickey and Gus, have nothing to do with the positive protagonists. Gus is a dud who only dreams and does not materialize his ideas in life. Mickey is a relaxed, vicious girl who always falls into embarrassing situations. Fate pushes them to be together, but their previous romantic failures prevent them. Can they be together at the end? It’s an interesting Netflix series that you can’t miss.

Best netflix series to watch with your family

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Best netflix series to watch with your family
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