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Which category of online games should you choose for your career?

15 September 2022
Quelle catégorie de jeux en ligne choisir pour sa carrière

The video game industry is one of the most lucrative sectors in the world. This is partly due to its incredible technological advancements and its many types of games on offer. Indeed, these entertainments target a very wide audience and concern each age group. Several players have even embarked on this field to make a career. 

Yes, it is quite possible to live from video games now. However, for this, you have to choose your category of online games carefully. Here are some tips to consider on this path!

Why make video games his job?

The first reason that pushes people to exercise the profession of professional players is obviously passion. Who has never dreamed of playing every day while being paid for their long hours spent in front of their screen? Today, it is no longer a fiction. It is now possible to experience video games by being:

  • Professional tester;
  • Video game developer;
  • Specialized game designer;
  • Video editor ;
  • Content creator;
  • Video game programmer;
  • Streamer ;
  • Influencer and blogger;
  • Etc.

In other words, the possibilities are numerous. All you have to do is find your way in this jungle of entertainment and fantasy. Generally, followers of this universe rely on the job of testers. 

These people are normally the first to play new games from developers. They study them, put them to the test and grade them according to different criteria. In return, they receive a good salary and the privilege of contributing to the design of a true digital masterpiece.

Becoming a professional player also interests a large number of people. This one can chain the tournaments of the planet and win the title of the best player in the world. Besides, it turns out that a pro gamer earns a lot of money by only being good at video games. Indeed, according to studies, a professional player can generate around 2 million euros per year.

What are the most interesting categories of online games on the market?

Since the appearance of the internet, video games have not stopped evolving over time. It is now possible to see different types of games online. However, here are the most profitable games to become a professional player!

Online casinos

Just like traditional casinos, online casinos are virtual establishments that allow you to make different bets. These are platforms allowing players to win millions of euros on a game. The rules and winning conditions are often similar to those of traditional gambling houses. This remains valid for the many games offered on it such as:

  • Poker;
  • Slot machines ;
  • Lottery games;
  • Table games;
  • Live casino games;
  • Etc.

Becoming a professional player in an online casino, however, remains quite difficult. You have to use your capital and your casino bonuses well. These kinds of promotions are free offers that players can use to increase their winnings. This is particularly the case for certain bonuses such as:

  • The welcome bonus;
  • The no deposit bonus;
  • The bonus with deposit;
  • Cashback;
  • Free spins;
  • Etc.

The trick is to first practice seriously with the online casino demos and bonuses available. This allows you to avoid losses, but to gain experience and knowledge about a specific discipline. This is why the best existing casino bonus remains the welcome bonus. This allows you to make free spins on the platform as soon as you register. 

To find out more about casino winnings and bonuses , a visit to a good online comparator like CJ is highly recommended. 


eSport or electronic sport is one of the most profitable fields for a professional gamer. It is a kind of video game competition featuring two or more players competing through interposed screens. This tournament attracts many geeks and gamers at the moment.

In other words, eSport does not only concern specifically sporting disciplines. It can integrate different categories of video games such as:

  • Sports games (FIFA, PES, etc.);
  • Fighting games (Street Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive, etc.);
  • MMORPG games (World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, Final Fantasy, etc.);
  • Les jeux FPS (Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, etc.) ;
  • Etc.

Not to mention the attractiveness of eSports to the global industry, the field also proves to be very profitable for participants. There are even professional teams to integrate competitions in this sense. The players who are members of these groups are even under contract and paid.

Most of the time, a pro gamer in eSport earns between 924 and 4,620 euros per month depending on his skills. The most experienced can even receive up to 9,240 euros per month. In addition, they can still increase their earnings through various services such as:

  • Streaming on Twitch;
  • Video game tournament rewards;
  • Sales of derivative products;
  • Sponsorship of video game brands;
  • Subscription on social networks;
  • Ads ;
  • Etc.


MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) are multiplayer online battle games played in a well-defined arena. It is a sort of variation of the traditional MMO (Massive Online Multiplayer) category. Combining strategy, skill and reflex, these types of games are generally played in teams of 5 players. However, it is possible to play solo in some titles.

League of Legends obviously remains the most popular MOBA game of the moment. It attracts millions of players each year and the finals of its championships even take place in stadiums. The title’s World Championship is even the most watched event with no less than millions of viewers on Twitch. The license even organizes other major tournaments in which the best teams from each region compete each week.

That’s not all. League of Legends rewards its most gifted players well in its competitions. It is therefore not so surprising to see the South Korean player “Faker” to have won more than 1.2 million dollars in a tournament. The same is true of some of his compatriots who have earned more than $900,000 in a championship.

Of course, there are other interesting MOBAs and other categories that also bring money to players. This is also the case for:

  • Overwatch (with a grand prize of up to $5 million);
  • Dota 2 (up to $8 million in cash prizes);
  • Apex Legends (around $2 million reward);
  • Call of Duty (a price tag of around $6.7 million);
  • Fortnite (a cash prize of $7.87 million);
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (up to $14.75 million to share);
  • Etc.

Playing video games is therefore no longer really just entertainment. With the economic stakes that are happening in this area, it is not surprising that many players make a real job out of it. Moreover, according to officials, online games can even integrate the Olympic Games soon. Just visit this site to know more about it.

Online games: which game to choose to become a professional player?

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Online games: which game to choose to become a professional player?
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