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Winners of competition in Canada over the last years

22 January 2020

Winners of competition in Canada over the last years

No doubt many of you are asking yourself this question, who have been the winners of competitions in Canada in recent years. Are all of these cross web contests true? Despite the sea of online fraudsters, there are honest companies out there that do it right. Winners of competition in Canada over the last years

Erika Komori

Erika Komori, a major contestant in Canada, hasn’t paid for her clothes for about a year and rarely needs to go shopping to choose a perfect birthday or shower gift.

In about three and a half years of participating in online contests, she says she has won about $ 75,000 in cash and prizes and that she has an ever-growing supply of gifts. On average, she is crowned winner of something – a gift card, clothes, a pile of books, a vacation – at least once a week.

And yet, she is not even among the most fanatic followers of online gifts, who spend hours every day browsing the web looking for contests to participate.

Ken Wallin

The popular concourschanceux.com website hosts an online contest forum where many users have shared five-digit prize stories for many years.

Those who are serious about increasing their chances of making a living turn the “competition” into a part-time job and set aside time each day to participate in dozens if not hundreds of lotteries, says Ken Wallin, a veteran who won between $ 75 and $ 32,000 per year in recent years.

His first big victory was an expensive home theater installation, which quickly convinced him that it was worth taking part in the most interesting of contests he encountered.

“A few months later, a friend sent me a contest in concourschanceux.com and I won $ 27,000. It really made me addicted,” says Wallin.

Although the Internet has made it easier to participate in contests – no need to buy stamps and lick envelopes – the increasing use of social media to organize promotional gifts has discouraged him.

More about Ken Wallin

“Nowadays, it’s not as simple as entering your name. Some are, but others are, you have to post a photo, write a caption, vote and it becomes very painful, I don’t do not participate, “he said, adding that he does not particularly like contests where you have to vote, which seem to bring out the worst in his fellow competitors.

“I participated in a voting contest a few years ago, it was to display a photo of your pet, and you can’t imagine how bad people are because you are winning . They think you are cheating and how can you get so many votes. I posted once and never really went back. ”

Overall, Mr. Wallin says he now spends far less time participating in contests than in recent years. He was about to give up for good – then he won a $ 10,000 gift card for Rona

“At the end of last year, without Rona’s victory, I would probably have resigned all together because the previous year I had a really terrible year and until November I had another absolutely terrible year too, maybe just for $ 300 worth of stuff, he says.

When playing online contests remains a lucrative hobby

“Before, I would sit every night for an hour … now I do it maybe half an hour, maybe 20 minutes, maybe never. Sometimes I do it on Sunday morning while I take my coffee, but when it comes to saving time, I don’t really do it anymore like I used to. ”

Another poster from concourschanceux.com recently reassessed the time they spent on the challenge. A few months of entering contests had brought in prizes worth $ 455, including a tablet, gift cards and movie tickets. But when we break down the time invested, it only amounts to around $ 2.50 an hour.

But Komori, on the other hand, has no intention of slowing down. “I have won over 600 online contests, over $ 70,000 in free stuff, and it has really been a huge savings on my entertainment expenses,” she said, adding that she does not enter contests if the prices do not interest him.

“I’m certainly not a heaper, it’s not like I have ketchup cupboards or anything like that. I only enter contests with prizes that may be useful to me.” “And I think now I have it down efficiently, so it only takes half an hour a day. I tell people that you don’t have to be retired or stay house to be successful. ”


Discover other Contest Winners in Canada in 2018

Each winner received a Parks Canada Discovery Pass, a Parks Canada merchandise package and a $ 100 gift card, a $ 100 EM program gift card and a $ 100 CIBC prepaid VISA card.

It is :

– J. Menachery from Toronto, ON

– L. Fleming of Halifax, NS

– T. Keller from Edmonton, AB

– P. Yu from Oakville, ON

– J. Savoie of Gatineau, QC

– J. Veilleux from Saint-Georges, QC

– J. Marchand of Prince Albert, SK

– L. Soleil from East Gwillimbury, ON

– D. Nadeau from St-Jérôme, QC

– K. Tsin from Toronto, ON

– H. Mu of Edmonton, AB

– L. Keegan of Langley, BC

– Z. Zhang of Ottawa, ON

– B. Biollo of Edmonton, AB

– L. Mazzotta from Ajax, ON

– L. Brousseau from Laval, QC

Winners of competition in Canada over the last years

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