Twelve (12) simple tips for successful competition

Twelve (12) simple tips for successful competition.

Twelve (12) simple tips for successful competition

After fifty competitions, I wrote down a list of do’s and don’ts. Here are some tips to help you succeed in your competition. This article is for all types of contests, but with some tips only for Facebook contests. I suspect that many of these tips may seem simple to you, but I prefer to see the whole base together to allow everyone to make beautiful contests. Twelve (12) simple tips for successful competition.

Of course, you could tell me that for your situation, some tips do not apply. You have to be aware that there will always be a “it depends” to be asked after the advice and that nothing is absolute.

At first, you will be able to read my advice on what, then on what not to do and I will finish with general advice.

Tips for a successful competition

Get a prize linked to your business

If you draw a price that is simply an incredible price, you will attract a different customer to your products. On the other hand, by drawing a price related to your brand, you will attract people who really want your brand. There will be fewer participants, but more to target. It is certain that if you have a service / product whose utility is rare / on request or special cases, you can find something else of course. However, always try to keep a certain link with the company.

Here are some examples :

DetergentGift card for bedding
Healthy fruit juiceGift card for a sports shop
Coffee companyTrip to Colombia
Car insuranceGift card for petrol

Make the form as simple as possible

A competition form should follow certain basic user experience rules such as:

  • Automatically format certain fields or display the desired format, but do not make an error message when the field is badly formatted if you do not display the desired format

Example not to ask:

  • too confidential information
  • information that is useless
  • Do not do the form on multiple pages

Here is an example where the form is perfect for the needs of the case: we just want your email. There is too much text to say that the whole form is optimized by cons. Twelve (12) simple tips for successful competition.

Simplify the method of participation

“The participants will have to film themselves by singing the name of my competition. They will then have to put the video on YouTube and send me the YouTube link accompanied by a text of 50 words describing the video. »A contest must have the simplest possible method of participation to allow more users to participate.

This means that you have no use for the additional information that you request, think carefully before asking for it. Simply asking for a sentence instead of a word on the form may cause some participants to flinch.

However, this allows you to add some branding to the application if you ask for additional information related to the price. You have to know how to strike a happy medium.

This is required for content submission contests. Think of all the participants before putting too strict rules. But above all: adapt as needed once the contest has started.

On the other hand, making participation fun (via Twitter)

If you can add an entertaining touch to your contest, participants will thank you. This could be for example a scratch ticket or a spinning wheel.

Give additional chances if the user shares

You have to give a little something to users who share in order to motivate them to share. Often it is suggested to double the chances if users share.

Focus on images

You have to minimize the text and optimize the visuals to encourage people to participate, putting the price and the value of the price as the main focus. The contest must be easy to understand, but above all fast.

Twelve (12) simple tips for successful competition.

In the category of things not to do

Do not put a captcha at the end of your contest

I did over fifty contests and I don’t see an occasion where a captcha would have made a difference. I do not say that because spammers are capable of solving a captcha (surely), but rather because all of the participants are humans.

Do not put “one entry per day”

It does not make you want to participate in your contest, because by doing a simple calculation, we realize we do not have time to come back every day to participate while some people yes, so we will simply say that don’t want to participate. In some rare cases, we could see a similar solution, for example: “Come back to see the index of the week which is the product on sale”.

There are some exceptions to this rule, but it is rather rare. This can be useful if there is a different offer each day or if it is a schedule ahead.

Do not automate the sharing of the contest

Users like to have control over what they share, it is important to give them the chance to write what they want on the link they will share. It is better not to oblige, because people could abhor a certain contempt for the competition.

Don’t ask Facebook permission from the start

Some users might be frightened if the first thing they see is a request from the application to access our data when we simply want to know about the contest. This can be changed depending on your application that manages the contest.

And general advice

Consider the publicity of the competition

You should not think that once your competition is created, that it will cause a significant increase in the number of subscribers without effort on your part! Get your hands dirty so that your competition will achieve incomparable success.

Here are several ways to make your contest popular:

  • The company’s current social presence (provide more than one message)
  • Facebook ads
  • The company newsletter
  • Mention of the contest by the partners
  • Influencers

Keep your goal in mind

Finally, I would like to remind you that the most important thing is that the competition respects the objectives of your company. If the purpose of your competition is to accumulate emails from interested people, perhaps you will go there with a fairly simple mode of participation in comparison to a competition that wants to increase the brand image. If your goal is to increase store sales, why not just offer a discount coupon at the end of the contest.

Feel free to add your stuff in the comments!

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Twelve (12) simple tips for successful competition

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