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The best Freelance platforms for freelance work

13 March 2020
TOP 4 - Meilleurs sites de recherche d’emploi free-lance, conseils et astuces

The best Freelance platforms for freelance work

Freelance platforms are currently the perfect solution if you are looking to free yourself from the constraints of the office, so a somewhat more flexible work without fixed hours, without a contract to initial. Fortunately, it used to be done by word of mouth. The best Freelance platforms for freelance work.

An opportunity for the self-employed. (Freelancers)

Currently, we are therefore more and more likely to find customers. However, there is a small false note: It is true that the opportunities to glean new projects have multiplied, but on the other hand, we are facing stiff competition. And you will notice for yourself that there are an impressive number of graphic designers, developers, consultants on these platforms. Lack of pot! Because in the middle of it all, where to position yourself? This is the question one would be tempted to ask. That they are the best Freelance platforms for freelance work.

So how do you find a place, or to impose yourself in this world of freelance work, Freelance? But above all, it would be better to know the best Freelance platforms, to examine their advantages, but also to reveal the hidden aspect that is emerging in the background.

TOP # 1 – Malt (ex Hopwork)

This site is completely free. However, it works differently from other platforms. The project leader does not have to publish his project. The Freelancer does not have to offer pre-established services. Therefore, you must approach the site differently.

So, if you want your profile to attract, it must be well provided, you should mention, as an example, your experience, your diplomas, your portfolio, etc. The more your profile is optimized, the better you will be positioned in their algorithm. This is important since project leaders will use the site’s search engine to find the profile that suits them.

Then it’s very simple. If a project leader is interested in your profit, he can get in touch with you to explain his project. Thereafter, you can offer him a quote. If the customer approves it, he will fund his account at the price mentioned in the quote, the site playing the role of trusted third party. Of course, you will receive your money as soon as the customer validates your service.

The Malt platform charges a 10% commission on the total cost of the mission. However, no commission will be claimed if you bring your own customers to this platform. You thus gain a double advantage: you benefit from the security of the site which assumes the function of a trusted third party, since the client pays the entire service before you start work and in addition, your client can post his opinions via the platform. A form of advertising which will be a major asset which will therefore help you to sell better on the platform.

Web : https://www.malt.fr

TOP #2 – La Crème de la Crème

It is a platform where companies can use students from the best schools for different tasks: Business plan, Marketing, article writing, video editing, brokerage, data entry, application development, etc.

On the La Crème de la Crème website, customers post their tenders on this platform and Freelancers can enter into direct discussion with them and offer them a quote.

The must of this platform lies in the quality of the projects. Indeed, before a call for tenders is published, the work team of the platform makes the necessary check to see if the allocated budget is in agreement with the expected results and that the description is quite precise. It is this meticulous work, done in the rules of the art, which has made the reputation of this platform with important companies and Start-Up.

The success of this platform comes from the know-how and professionalism of a whole team which, although it is not in the spotlight, takes care to ensure that everything is perfect.

Each client must open a Manager account which will facilitate exchanges between companies, Start-ups and Free-lances.

Registration for the platform is free, but for each service, the site charges a commission of 18%.

Web : https://cremedelacreme.io/fr

TOP #3 – Freelance Republik

CIs a freelance platform for freelance IT developers. It has two advantages which place it on the front of the stage: The quality and the remuneration of the missions. This is explained by the fact that FreelanceRepublik very carefully selects the Freelancers before putting them in contact with the end customers.

An initiative highly appreciated by customers because it helps them save time. Indeed, project leaders who have large budgets use this platform not to waste time, the platform having already done half the work. This explains why IT freelancers like it. How does it really work? You should register on FreelanceRepublik.com, completing your profile: skills, experiences, etc. Then, you will be contacted by the persons in charge of the platform to validate or not your registration.

If a client is looking for a Freelance for a mission in the IT field, the FreelanceRepublik team offers him the 3 best profiles, and the decision is up to the client who will choose the Freelance that suits him after having an interview with each of them. So you have to be very convincing to encourage him to choose you. Of course, skills count a lot, but also know how to be. You must of course invoice your services. The platform’s commission is taken from the end customer.

Web : https://www.freelancerepublik.com

The flip side of the Freelance platform medal

Of course, the perfect does not exist. Freelance platforms also have some faults.

Easy registration for freelancers

This surprises you, because it is rather an advantage, but in truth, there is the downside, and this advantage could become a disadvantage. Since the majority of sites do not really or seriously verify the skills of freelancers, anyone can register and offer the same services as you. To stand out from this jungle and bring customers to you, you will have to take care of your profit as much as possible and pay your full attention to it. Do not hesitate to put everything that can enhance you: evaluations, references, recommendations, etc.

Compromises in the face of competition

If you compete with other Freelancers, you should take into account the needs of the client. Some customers do not hesitate to set draconian conditions and a very limited budget. To stay in the race, it’s better to cut your prices a few times to get the mission. In addition, as competition is international, it can sometimes be difficult to match quotes from regions where the cost of living is lower.

You should know how to negotiate. Ultimately, if you compete with experienced Freelancers, having several positive opinions on their profile, know that you will meet, at least at the beginning, some difficulties to compete. Hold on and keep working, sometimes giving concessions. So, if you have to lower your prices a little at the start to acquire your first customers, try to target only your typical customers.

Then, you can retain them with new orders in your jurisdictions, while ensuring confidence in new customers. Gradually, once you have excelled in your work, you can increase your rates.

The commission for these platforms for the work of freelancers

Freelance sites are not disinterested ascetics, they seek gain, and that is normal. To do this, they take their commissions from the tasks you pick up. They will either charge a monthly fee on your membership, or charge commissions on each mission, and sometimes even both. It is therefore an additional charge to pay.

The best Freelance platforms for freelance work

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TOP 3 – The best Freelance platforms for freelance work
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