New season of popular series expected on Netflix

12 January 2021
popular series

Netflix the most popular streaming platform always has something new in its catalog. Thus, seasons of popular series have been released this year offering a little happiness in a world appalled by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Popular series season

If you’re ready for a TV night out and want to know what’s new at Netflix, we’d be happy to show you the new series in the Netflix catalog.

Even if the weather is still nice, but it won’t last, you won’t regret a successful binge-watcher evening watching the best series and enjoying yourself in the company of Netflix.

To help you, we offer you the much-awaited series that have become cult.

popular series

Popular series season: La Casa de Papel season 4

This series of Spanish suspense was put online on April 3, 2020.

An enigmatic man, called the Professor, programs the never before realized breakage of the Royal House of Mint. To carry out his plan, he calls on eight of the best mobsters in Spain who have nothing left to lose.

After executing their famous robbery, the Professor’s gang dispersed to the four corners of the world. But one of them was arrested. To help him, the Professor had planned a new robbery, that of the Bank of Spain, with the assistance of three new thugs: Marseille, Palermo and Bogota.

But Alicia, the new policewoman is on the lookout determined to put these gangsters away, at the risk of bloodshed… What will happen in the fourth season? You’ll find out on Netflix.

Popular series season: Walking dead :

The long-awaited season 10 of this horror TV series was released in October 2019 in the United States. It is expected to return to France on Netflix in March 2021.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead will focus on the war with the Whisperers. They are a mysterious group of vain survivors who disguise themselves by using the skin of the dead – alive to blend in with them and not be noticed.

In the first half of season 9, this community had a secondary role, but it was in the second half of season 9 and throughout season 10 that the Whisperers became the focus of the action. A must-see on Netflix.

Popular series season: Stranger Things, season 4 :

A TV series that many people are eager to see on Netflix.

Delayed by the coronavirus, we learn that this trailer would initially be released in early 2021. Thus, after a long suspense, the veil is lifted. The nine-episode trailer was unveiled in February 2020 in a 50-second vintage trailer.

What will happen during season 4? It will somehow raise the dead!

We discover that Sheriff Jim Hopper, with a shaved head and moustache, is alive and well. But, he is incarcerated in Russia, certainly in a Soviet gulag. It is a real relief for his countless fans.

Exactly like the previous season, season 4 should focus on the illegal experiments of Russian scientists. Will it be related to the Chernobyl disaster fiction?

Popular series season: Lucifer, season 5 :

Release date of the first part on August 21, 2020. In any case, Netflix assures that it will not be the last one. This cult series has met a surprising fate. Cancelled in 2018 by the Fox channel, it was recovered by Netflix following a large mobilization of the series’ aficionados, for apparently two seasons, and ultimately for another extra salvo.

Lucifer, the master of the underworld, decides to return to earth to spend his vacations. He arrives in Los Angeles determined to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. By a strange coincidence, he meets a police inspector who is immune to his sulphurous magnetism. Funny and extravagant, the cult series remains eagerly awaited by fans.

The Witcher season 2 :

Netflix hasn’t revealed the release date for season 2 yet because of the pandemic that is raging everywhere. In any case, filming resumed in February 2020; but since the upcoming series requires a wide range of special and visual effects, fans of The Witcher will have to be patient: according to the streaming giant, the release date is envisaged for 2021.

The Witcher’s monster-chaser Geralt travels the world in search of Luciferian and treacherous creatures. In his quest, he soon discovers that human beings are sometimes more ruthless than the beasts he promised to annihilate. What will he do? How will he act? The suspense remains intact.

Umbrella Academy season 2 :

Release date July 31, 2020.

You can now watch season 2 of this series that you’ve certainly been waiting for.

Following the death of their father, brothers and sisters with fantastic powers will discover upsetting family secrets and a terrible danger that threatens the people of Earth. What will happen in Season 2? Find out with Netflix.

The Rain season 3 :

Release date August 6, 2020 on Netflix. It will be the last one.

After a season 2 that appeared around mid-May and did not really excite the crowds, the streaming giant has decided to offer a third and final season to its Danish series The Rain to end it with dignity and beauty.

As a reminder, The Rain tells the story of a brother and a sister who go in search of shelter in a world that has become risky where rain kills, 6 years after the emergence of a lethal virus that has wiped out more than half the population. For the moment, we do not know the number of episodes.

Of course, there are other new features waiting for you on Netflix. Examples include: Paradise Police Season 2 (release date March 6), Elite Season 3 (March 13), Family Business Season 2 (September 11), Altered Carbon Season 2 (release date February 27), Dark Season 3 (release date June 27) and many more. You will be able to consult them on our website.


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